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Hidden Gems To Purchase this Steam Summer Sale 2018

Hoping that you still got some money left with you because we will give you some list of game bundles that you can purchased on this years Steam Summer Sale 2018.

Here are some of the Bundle Games ( not all ) that I think are best to purchase.

Price of individual products: 5,667.23
Bundle discount: 33%
Your cost: P3,803.70

Price of individual products: P6,251.18
Bundle Discount : 50%
Your Cost : P3,125.27

Price of individual products: P6,984.34
Bundle discount: 20%
Your cost: P5,587.32

Price of individual products: P17,995.03
Bundle discount: 10%
Your cost: P16,195.42

Price of individual products: P2,749.32
Bundle discount: 23%
Your cost: P2,116.93

Source : Skylent Games

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